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Fire and Water

Fire & Water begins with Keagan, a fire elemental, betrothed to the princess of Fire Nation in unhappy, loveless engagement of convenience. Meanwhile, he’s involved in an illicit affair with Aedre, the beautiful and conning princesses of the Water Kingdom. Both lovers risk the death penalty if their love is discovered.

Court intrigue and espionage ensues as Fire Nation and Water Kingdom rush towards genocidal warfare. It’s up to Keagan and Aedre to bring peace to their people while remaining true to themselves and their love for each other. But is peace between fire and water even possible?

“Fire & Water” is now available on Kindle . Go ahead and click the link, a little steamy romance isn’t dangerous — unless you happen to be Keagan or Aedre.


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What would a  modern girl do in Ophelia’s circumstances? That’s the idea behind my new story, told through the perspective of Ophelia. The rough draft is finally completed. Yes, it very rough and needs a shit-ton of work in fleshing out the characters and the settings; in addition, it needs to be made even more character driven. The plot is pretty much set in stone after I went through about a dozen of them. The plot adheres  closely to the Bard’s work, but with the premise that Horatio got many crucial details wrong.


The characters in this story are completely my own  even this early stage, bearing no more than a passing resemblance to those of Shakespeare’s. After all, when you read Hamlet in a high school and/or college , would Ophelia have attempted to drug Claudius? That’s just one small example of how the characters differ. Ophelia is no longer basically a helpless and naïve little girl, but I avoided making her a Charlie’s Angels-type total badass. No cliché’ characters allowed.


In the process of writing this story, I read Hamlet, along with many modern essays and critiques of the play. I did read about one novel  written in the 1970’s that retells Hamlet from Ophelia’s perspective. In that work, Ophelia and Hamlet manage to not only survive, but get married and live happily ever after. After briefly considering do something similar, I rejected that idea as being far too neat and tidy. After all, Hamlet is supposed to be dark tragedy.


That’s about all I can say about it right now, without giving too much away.


Oh, I’m trying an experiment.  I downloaded a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that also posts to Twitter. Let’s see if it works….



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Less emo, more porn.

I just came across a whole half a chapter that seemed ok before. But now that I read it again, the character seems to be an emo little bitch. It starts off a vampire just fed on him and now he’s complaining of feeling like a whore because of it. Maybe show the guy on guy vampire feeding action, and minimal complaining about being a whore at the very end – hence the title of this post.

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The proof copy of my vampire novel Christian Blood arrived

That’s right. The bound proofs of that novel arrived today. So what happens from here is that I need to inspect the book in every aspect. The quality of the binding, the fonts, page lay-out, decide if I like the cover or not, etc. I feel anxious to get into print, but this is major and I need look at the book with a critical eye. In the meantime, the eBook version remains available at

That’s right. I have a blog post that isn’t some fantastic story of simple computer repair leading to me becoming a “Deep One”

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