I Was Eyewitness to a Bust

I intended tonight’s posts be just a nice little account about tonight’s writer’s group meeting. I really did. I even planned to joke about how proud I was to have managed to avoid ordering dinner twice (scroll down a few posts for that.) Fate had other plans for me.


A few minutes before 11 pm, I heard helicopter noises. This wasn’t so unusual, since I live close to the airport and the Strip (there’s place where tourists can pay stupidly large amounts of money for helicopter rides.) So that was just a minor annoyance, at first. It soon became apparent that the helicopter was circling the neighborhood. I let this go on for a little while until curiosity got the better of me.


I stepped outside to find a police car blocking one end of the street.  Now what?  After turning to my left, I spotted two cop cars parked in front of the neighboring apartment complex with their lights flashing and additional police K9 Units in SUVs were pulling in. So, using my amazing writer’s judgment,  I walked toward the commotion for a better look. It turned out that there were more police cars cars than I initially thought, for a total of four, plus the SUVs. What is happening here? Oh my God! In retrospect, I supposed I should have been afraid that bullets would start flying, but I wasn’t. Instead, I had to find out more, but my view was limited from this angle.


Not wanting to make to obvious to police that I was watching the whole thing, I walked around the block to see what was happening from from every direction. I stopped at the 7-Eleven for Slurpee for two reasons. The first reason was that I was hot and thirsty. At 11 something at night, the temp had to still be in the 80’s and secondly, as I pointed out in my real time tweets of the incident; I didn’t want it to be too obvious to the police that I was snooping.  While I was at the 7-Eleven, I was able to confirm my suspicion that it was a drug bust – although the source might not have been reliable. This was no surprise, since this area is overflowing with meth and crack; two of the worst things one can do to one’s body to “feel good.” This is a digression, but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t say that if anyone does have those habits, go get help – NOW.


Back to the report. For the other side of the excitement, I  could see that there were actually four K9 SUVs instead of two, in addition, a paramedic truck was pulling in. What happened? Did somebody get shot? No, because there were no gunshots. Maybe arrestee OD’ed? What the hell? A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived. This was not looking good; if it had been an OD and the person was still alive, the lights and siren would have been blaring. If a cop had been shot or stabbed, or injured in some other way, I sure the hell expected lights and sirens. I did see what was very inappropriate for a bad situation, four or five cops standing and laughing. This ruled out a cop having to be taken to the hospital or worse.

I casually walked by the cops, attention deflecting Slurpee in hand.  It was a little amusing to watch cars pull up, only to find their way blocked by the police vehicles. Seriously? You didn’t see all the flashing lights from a mile away?


From my porch, I didn’t see anyone arrested or taken to the hospital, but it’s still possible that police SUV’s blocked by view. Little by little, the emergency vehicles began to leave, starting with the paramedics. The ambulance left last, still in normal driving mode.


Sorry that it didn’t have a dramatic ending, assuming everyone survived the incident. But I wasn’t going to embellish what happened, just report it straight.


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  1. There are many Elvis stories out there. however the story of Hamburger James is among my favorite. From Elvis pulling a police badge to racing through Las Vegas to the airport with the Memphis Mafia this story is for some reason is stays with me as one of my favs. Also some of the story talks about the time Elvis was in DC in 1970, which is around the same time he visited Nixon.

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