Does it run the family?

Last night I was eating Easter Dinner with my family when my little 10 year old nephew Michael announced that he wanted to be writer.  This was a little of a surprise, but not completely because he greatly enjoys the Captain Underpants series of children’s books. All writers start off as readers, and hopefully continue reading after they make that career choice. Needless to say, this is very exciting development.

Michael’s announcement got me wondering if the writing bug runs in the family? It seems very possible. Sidney Sheldon’s daughter ,Mary, became a novelist.  A better known example would be Christopher Rice, the son of Anne Rice. Christopher’s aunt,  Alice Borchardt, is a noted writer of historical fiction, fantasy and horror.


I know this list isn’t very extensive, and I’m sure is far from being all inclusive, however researching the children of all notable authors all night is sure to make me feel like somebody is drilling a hole through my skull and I’d  be crossed-eyed before task is completed. (I can’t be accused of being anything but honest here…) It does, however, begin to show that the writing blessing/curse may well run in families. Alice Borchardt said that a library card at the age of seven was the best gift she ever received. Perhaps a library card was the best gift will prove to be the best gift Michael received. Time will tell.



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2 responses to “Does it run the family?

  1. You make excellent points.

    Another way to consider it might be the Star Power most voracious readers attach to writers of books they’ve read.

    Could seeing successful writers in a real-life environment (busy, Mom, Dad, Uncle…) quell a bit of the “I wish I could, but I’m not good enough” lies we told ourselves?

  2. What you said about successful writers in real-life environments is very true. Stephen King is just a human being like everyone else and has to do mundane everything things we all need to do.

    Just to make the point that even the best selling authors are just people, I’ll point out that some years ago I saw a television show about Stephen. He plays on his town’s softball team, or at least did at the time of the show. Everyone was just like “Hi, Stephen,” not “May I kiss your ring, Mr. King?” If a nice guy that only began writing because he couldn’t find a teaching job can do it, so can we all. That is, if you don’t tell discouraging lies to ourselves.

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