Red Box Lack of Security

This will be short post, but I have to share what happened as warning to others. I stopped by the 7-Eleven near my apartment to rent Breaking Dawn, Part 1 from the Red Box machine. I swiped my card and was prompted to enter my zipcode for security purposes. As it turned out, the touch screen was defective. When I attempted to enter my zipcode, the numbers on the lower part of the screen didn’t respond. I even tried to drag the cursor over to the numbers to enter them, to no avail. So randomly entered some numbers on the top portion of the screen, thinking that the transaction would declined. Instead, it was approved despite the incorrect security information and I was able to get the movie.  Hoping Red Box would only attempt to charge my card upon the return and question the zipcode at that time, I checked my bank account and I was charged the day’s rental.


This leaves a disturbing question in my mind. Was the security question just for show? If I had simply gave up and walked away from the machine, could somebody have charged as many movies on my card as they wanted and never return them?


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