Writers, what was your first story?

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?  With me it was a cute little story called The Mouse House when I was in third or forth grade, written on a manual, non-electric typewriter my mom got me at a pawn shop.


I still remember a little of the story:


There was a house

In the house lived a mouse.

It was a mouse house!


I don’t remember the rest of the story word for word, premise was that the mouse owned the house. It wasn’t a house owned by humans and the mouse just lived between the walls. The basic plot was the this bad exterminator guy was trying to take over the house and mouse confronted him on the issue. The exterminator wasn’t moved by mouse’s arguments and attempted to catch the mouse. The rest of the story involved the mouse outwitting the exterminator, who eventually gave up.


Ah, memories. The story was simple, of course, but the reason for writing it was the same as with my new stories. There was something in my head and heart that had to come out, had to be shared.


I don’t remember the first story I ever read, but I was a big fan of Green Eggs and Ham at the time.



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3 responses to “Writers, what was your first story?

  1. I wrote about 25 pages of a novel about a girl who discovers she’s a witch when I was 11, in 1980ish?

    The first book I remember reading by myself was James and Giant Peach, in grade 1.

    My first writing success was in grade 11, with a short story that won some prizes and was translated into Chinese. You can find it here:


  2. Love your story premise and the fact that you remember it.

    I remember many shenanigans from that time in my life. But, I can’t recall a specific piece of fiction. I recall a “paper” I wrote. I sat at my desk while classmates read theirs in front of the class and thought of an idea I liked better than the one already written.

    So. My turn arrived. I took my (in my mind, now blah) written pages to the front of the class. I pretended to read them as I created a brand new one on-the-spot.

    Prepare to *gasp*! Most of my school victories centered around math and languages. Sudoku and logic puzzles continue to augment my creative right brain time.

    Perhaps I didn’t embrace creative writing until I could write the stories I wanted to write. I verbalized some whoppers, tho’. Do those count? No? Rats!

    Great post. Thanks for the time-travel to back-in-the-day.

  3. Thank you! I started thinking of rewriting that story after I made the blog post. These days, I think writing a simple story like that would be more difficult then when I was a child. You see, I’d like to keep the childish purity and simplicity, without having complicated ulterior motives and even political corruption (the mayor bribing the exterminator to get rid of the mouse just a strip mall can be built by his/her grandson or whatever.)

    The more I think about it, though, the better that idea becomes, even if I don’t publish it. That will be a nice break from writing about duplicitous people, murders, etc.

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