Apple iCigarettes?

I was participating in an online debate if plain packaging would decrease smoking and somebody posted this picture:



So I started thinking Apple iCigarettes would look like that, if Apple for some reason jumped into the cigarette game. That pack is sleek, silver, and minimalist. They would have yuppies gladly forking over twenty bucks a pack, I’ll bet. In no time, they’ll allow smoking in offices again because suddenly smoking would be socially desirable. Never underestimate Apple’s marketing clout and ability to make a bad habit trendy.

Apple could start with those, but build more upmarket smokes. Maybe give it a few gigs of flash memory, wifi capability, 3G wireless (4G model available after a year or so) and a screen. That way smokers could Facebook and Twitter in Starbucks without having to carry any extra gadgets.



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2 responses to “Apple iCigarettes?

  1. fuonlyknew

    You are so right. Apple could make tons of money with this packaging.
    laura thomas

  2. Hey, Doug. Bopped over here from your Twitter follow.

    I am one of “those” people. Yes. Addicted to smoking. But, WAIT! Before you send the Surgeon General with a baseball bat, I’m quitting. And, I’m using the step-down plan using BLU eCigarettes.

    A puff of vaporized air, enhanced with nicotine, replaces the smoke of a traditional cigarette. So, the addicted (afflicted?) don’t get cranky and the hand-to-mouth habit is satisfied without Twinkies. They come with decreasing levels of nicotine, all the way down to nothing but vaporized air.

    How does this apply to your post, you don’t ask, but I pretend you do?

    Well, the packaging is sleek, but the real tie-in is that the pack comes with a “social network” feature. There’s a BLU symbol on the side of the pack that lights up if another BLU user is in the immediate vicinity. I saw that, and thought…

    How dumb is that????

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