Total lack of class and respect

This is kind of old news by now, but I have to say it. Rush Limbaugh went out is his way to prove which side of the liberal vs conservative debate has class. On his radio show he called Sandra Fluke a prostitute and a slut for speaking on the issue of contraception. He further said that woman that want contraception covered by insurance plans should post pornographic videos of themselves online so everyone can watch.  one of many sources for Limbaugh’s comments about Fluke   here’s the audio Limbaugh suggesting women post porn of themselves online   Yes, that’s Rush himself speaking.

My question is how to "Christians" listen to this?

Obama called Fluke to offer support

 Fluke was set to go on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports when the president rang her on her phone. She took the call while waiting in the green room.

"He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women," she told Mitchell, who received permission from the White House to discuss the exchange between Fluke and Obama. "What was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud. And that meant a lot because Rush Limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. So I just appreciated that very much."

Fluke appeared to be choking up a bit while recalling the conversation.

Now then, which side is showing more class and more respect?


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