Paperback Vampire Novel Christian Blood by Douglas Ryan is now available

Christian Blood
Just in time for “Cyber Monday ” the vampire novel Christian Blood is now available online in quality paperback form.

In this tale of love, betrayal, redemption, and blood, Christian Nadasdy survives a savage bashing only to find himself in the care of an elder vampire.

As he navigates the exotic world of vampires, freaks, and witchcraft, he finds himself confronted with more questions than answers:

Can he come to terms with who and what he is? Was the bashing one of the many machinations of his caregiver and what does that strange nobleman want with him? Does the beautiful witch Scarlett Raven have designs on his heart, or does she hold some dark ulterior motive of her own?

Read about Christian’s adventures today!
Christian Blood is also available on Smashwords with free sample chapters for your reading pleasure and also available on Kindle Edition and coming soon to

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