I practice the art of perfectly produced trash

I sat in front of Microsoft Word, the horrible piece of software that I spend days on end staring at, and had an epiphany. I’m making trash perfect, achieving the perfection of purple prose. Observe:

“Suspended helplessly, Scar was powerless as Cynn dissected the wound on his chest with a razor blade and proceeded to fillet him from top to bottom him like a salmon. The blood from his lacerated meat joined with a stream of piss and pooled on the floor. ”

There are no obvious grammar errors, no typos. This little passage from my book Christian Blood . But it definitely has the quality of pulp fiction. Now I might be a little biased, since it’s my own work, but that’s actually a nice change. These days, everything seems to have to all literary or have overtly sympathetic characters. The murderer above, Micheal Cynn, for example is a vampire. But he’s not Edward from an infamous vampire series. Instead, he challenges to you understand him, to understand the downward spiral that created this madman of a vampire – this serial killer. Oh, and if I wrote this into a movie, I doubt he’d run around the whole time without his shirt….


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