Come get your exorcism training today! But why get rid of demons?

The Roman Catholic church is now holding exorcism training. More than 50 bishops and 60 priests have signed up for the two day training class.

Strangely though, there is a little bit of skepticism about exorcisms in the US. I wonder way? I mean even John Paul II performed one on a woman brought into the Vatican screaming and writhing. It was clearly a case of demonic possession there was no chance at all that it could have been a case of mental illness. If you go back a couple thousand years and you’ll see that Jesus gave old Beelzebub the boot from random people lots of times, clearly those cases didn’t reflect a lack of medical and psychological knowledge in a backwater province of the Roman Empire.

Now let me go back the question in the title of the post. Why get rid of your devil?

Ai! Ai! Cthulhu fhtagn!


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