Murder your babies

Since, I didn’t approve of the proof’s cover (my copy from the publisher) I decided to take another look at the text of the novel. I removed large sections of that I no longer felt moved the story forward, or that I felt was redundant or ultimately boiled down do to the fearsome Markgraf Heinrich whining. Him shattering wine glasses in his and just letting the blood flow over his fingers is more fun than watching him make circular arguments about which of his two vampire children needs to be destroyed ;).

The idea of shortening the story for the sake of better story flow or to make it more coherent is usually known as “Killing your darlings”, but “Murder your babies” seems even more ruthless, more in line with a vampire novel that is deliberately over the top in places. It’s not even possible to write this kind of a book if you don’t have a bit of drama queen in your soul.

Anyway, this editing is why I haven’t been as active on the social media as I had been as of late. Meanwhile, I’m sure the corpses of my babies will continue to pile up….


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