I saw the Sheriff Gillespie’s brother arrested today

This afternoon I went to the Dollar Tree on Blue Diamond. Just outside the store where two police cruisers from Metro PD and there was a man lying on the ground.

I did my shopping, picking up a few miscellaneous items. While I was in the checkout, I noticed that an unmarked car had also pulled up and the man, dressed in a leather jack was being leaned against it and handcuffed.

The cashier said he was drunk and disorderly as well as shop lifting. I no idea why someone would shoplift the Dollar Tree, but I guess that’s neither hear nor there. The cashier let me know one more thing. The man claimed to be Sheriff Gillespie’s brother. I can verify if that’s true or not, but if it is, then my little blog about my writing broke the story..


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Filed under crime, probably false, Sheriff, shoplifting

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