I am in computer hell

Ok, last night I finished watching “Corpse Bride” and decided to play SimCity for a little while before bed. So Iauched the game and the screen was shaking, almost like a strobe effect in the game. I thought that was weird, so I started the game again, and got the same effect. I restarted the computer, but noticed that Window bootscreen was having the same effects as the SimCity. I decided to see if World of Warcraft did the same thing, and it did.

So I googled for answers. Answer I found was to change the refresh rate. So I did that and the whole screen became unusual. It was shaking and strobing like a bad acid trip. There was no way for me to see to be able to go to the Control and fix the refresh rate (which I thought was odd. I forces to you to confirm that you want to keep the resolution, which too or too low of resolution is a lot less of an issue than an unusable screen…hear that, Microsoft? No. Didn’t think so)

Unable to think of anything else to do, I put in my restore disc. I selected to keep user data AND format the disc. Do, of course, it formatted the drive and erased everything. Maybe because the screen was shaking and strobing I thought I was choosing to keep my data, but really choosing the other option? I doubt it though.

I checked where the monitor connects to the computer, removing and replacing it. I removed anything that can cause electromagnetic interference with the monitor.  So I have no idea. It doesn’t makes sense that the monitor could go bad int that way, so suddenly. So that’s why I have a Medium coming over today to sprinkle holy water on my computer and perform weird nude rituals as usual. Of course, if anybody has any more mundane ideas to fixing this, do feel free to hit me up.


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