This morning I woke up feeling like shit

Yup, this blog will also keep track of my honest feelings. Let’s face it, I don’t produce a magnum opus ever day.

So anyway, this morning I woke up and my head was throbbing, and I felt like somebody stabbed me in the stomach. Now it could have had something to do with all that Vodka I drank last night, but that explanation is far too simple.

So I began to investigate. In my search for clues, I discovered filthy footprints on the carpet. I followed them to the door. Somebody or something, tracked filthy foot prints in the house. This could well have happened last night. I investigated further. The footprints nearest to the door appeared to be canine, whereas the ones furtherest appeared to be human. It was as if something shapeshifted from a canine to a man.

Then I remembered my dreams. In my dreams, I was a wolf, running free. Was it a dream…..?


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Filed under fiction, horror, literature

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