In the beginning….

This is the journal tracking the progress of my writing. At long last, my novel Christian Blood is available on eBook format, with the print version waiting my approval of the proof. So the question I get when I tell people about the book is “What’s it about?” of course. Well the description the online publisher goes like:

Having survived brutal attack, Young Christian Nadasdy finds himself in the care of an elder vampire. As he navigates the exotic world of vampires, rituals and witchcraft, he finds himself confronted with more questions than answers: Is his caregiver behind the attack? Can he come to terms with who and what he is? Is there no end to the madness?

But there’s more to it then that. It explores where your will intersects with the rights of others. It explores deeply, almost religiously, held prejudices. It doesn’t blink in the face of taboo.


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Filed under bisexual, fiction, gay, horror, literature, writing

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